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Jimmy's Dead -- Suzanne Carole

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Jimmy's Dead

Suzanne Carole

Paperback, 5x8 in, 256 pages
Wheatmark, September 2007
ISBN: 9781587368752


Mark Landau survived Woodstock in the ’60s, disco in the ’70s, and the fast-paced business climate of the ’80s.

Sometime just before the new millennium, Mark finds himself a family man and a salesman for a Midwestern environmental contractor. He believes his life will unfold in a harmonious blend of family, work, and golf.

When he discovers Jimmy Rosen, founder of RoseTech Environmental, has been bludgeoned to death, it becomes clear that harmony will have to wait.

Jimmy's violent death triggers multiple events. Mark’s golf companions organize a vigilante trip to the western U.S. to find the killer, while Joe Francy, RoseTech president and Jimmy’s right hand man, embarks on a personal journey of retribution.

Detective Diller has his own set of suspects, and even Mark’s mother has a theory of the crime.

Jimmy’s Dead is the story of Mark’s attempt to deal with friends, family, work, and a murder investigation.