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Claim Success! - Kyle Farhat & Nancie Cummins

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Claim Success!: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know to Get into Medical Billing and Practice Management to Create a Viable Career for Yourself

Kyle Farhat & Nancie Cummins, RMC

Paperback, 7.5x9.25 in, 256 pages, Illustrated
Wheatmark, March 2008
ISBN: 9781587369766


"This is an exceptional book! Well presented and explained. I highly recommend it to everyone considering this business!"

—Rick Benzel, author of Making Money in a Health Service Business


If you’ve been seeking accurate, reliable, and practical information about starting a medical billing business, this book is the very first book you will want to read – and perhaps the only one you’ll want to read.

Claim Success! is written to provide entrepreneurs, business people, and anyone investigating medical billing as a potential career, with completely up-to-date, comprehensive information about literally everything you will need to know to decide if running a medical billing and practice management company is a good business for you to consider.

More in-depth, forthright, and accurate than any other book on the market in this industry, Claim Success! goes into extensive detail on every aspect of launching a viable medical billing business. You will learn about all the types of medical insurance and how each one works; the inner workings of medical offices and types of financial problems doctors encounter that lead to their need to hire a professional biller; the trends and movements in the medical industry regarding electronic claims, electronic medical records, and other advancements that are challenging medical practices of all sizes. You will see why doctors are experiencing problems with insurance companies and what tactics they increasingly resort to in order to run their practices more efficiently and profitably.

The meat of Claim Success! deals with how to decide if this is a business you want to own, and if so, how to get your company off the ground. The book provides chapters that go into more detail than you will find anywhere else, on how to start your business, seven methods of conducting marketing campaigns to attract doctors to your services, how to conduct a formal business meeting with a prospective doctor, what to say and not to say to win the contract, and how to close a sale that gets you the business. Once you have clients, the book does not leave you cold and dry. It explains how to set up your office so you can be effective in your business, how to use medical billing software, how to select a clearinghouse, how to file electronic and paper claims, and how to price your services. Claim Success! goes into great detail about eight additional services you can add on to your business to make your billing service a one-stop shop that fulfills other needs that many medical offices will have, including electronic fund transfer, digital archiving, and even software sales. The book also explains how you can set yourself up to sell the most advanced software that doctors must soon transition to using, Electronic Medical Records.

Claim Success! aims to be the most authoritative book you will find about this industry. It contains extensive, down-to-earth, practical information about the medical billing profession in today’s real world. The book is written in a clear, straightforward manner, without glorifying the profession or hyping the ease of success, as so many medical billing publications tend to do. If you want to feel like you did not waste your time reading fluff and that you received detailed information that helps you make a good decision about starting a medical billing business, Claim Success! is the right choice and worth every penny of your research investment.

About the Author

Kyle Farhat is the founder and CEO of ClaimTek Systems, a company dedicated to helping entrepreneurs successfully start medical billing and practice management businesses. He has been involved in medical billing for more than fifteen years. Since 1993, ClaimTek has been among the leading business development and training companies in the medical billing industry. Kyle is also the visionary and architect of the most advanced medical billing practice management software program on the market, MedOffice.™

As principal owner of Cummins Professional Services, LLC, Nancie Cummins has run a medical billing and consulting firm since 1995. An active speaker, she regularly gives business seminars throughout the U.S. She is a member of the Medical Assisting Advisory Board at the College of San Mateo.